Before an image can be created, we first source photos and artwork of which we have full commercial rights to utilize in our creation process. These reference images inlcude, but are not limited to, photos taken by our team, public domain artwork, and public domain art/painting collections.

These reference images are utilized to direct image generators such as Magnific, Midjourney, and Dall-E. These A.I. tools are instructed to pull elements and styles from the references to ensure the prevention of unintentional infringment.

Though A.I. is great for image manipulation, it tends to hallucinate causing major oddities within the newly compiled image. Due to this flaw in A.I. software, our team then identifies and corrects these errors during the post-processing stage. This is a manual process using Photoshop or other adjacent photo editing software such as Affinity. We do this to provide a coherent image that human hands have refined. (As humans, we are not perfect and do make mistakes).

These images are then upscaled to increase the pixel density, allowing for crisp and clear images on our largest canvas offerings. 

Before any product is available for purchase, our team reviews the image to ensure no major errors were overlooked by our editting team. We do this in an attempt to provide only the highest quality images for our customers. 

Though we believe our process is ethically concious, we intend to continuously improve upon this process as we grow!

Below is an example of the primary reference image before, and the final image after, so you may decide for yourself if our process has achieved our goal!

color photo Before
black and white After